3 Reasons to Cover a Swimming Pool

There are many benefits to having a swimming pool cover for your swimming pool. This is why, even though some can run for thousands of dollars, many homeowners are willing to buy them.

1) One of the main benefits of having a swimming pool cover is that you keep the heat in your pool. On a hot summer day, the pool is soaking up the heat from the sun all day. This helps to keep the water temperature at a good level. However, as night approaches, the pool loses some of this heat by the evaporation of the water and cooling of the air.

The right type of swimming pool cover helps reduce heat loss by preventing water evaporation and trapping heat inside the pool. If you use your pool a lot over a year, this feature alone can save you thousands of dollars on your heating bill.

2) A swimming pool cover also lets you save money on the number of chemicals you put in your pool. Without a pool cover, the water from the pool would evaporate overnight. And as it evaporates, it will take the chemicals you've mixed with it into the water. As a result, you have to refill the water and the chemicals with it.

3) Another way swimming pool covers help you save time and money is by keeping leaves, dirt, debris, and other clutter out. Anyone who cares about their pool and the people who swim in it wants to keep their pool clean. As a result, this includes vacuuming, skimming the surface, adding chemicals, etc. – or hiring a service to do it for you. 

Obviously, the less you allow your pool to get dirty, the less money and time you will have to spend cleaning it. And, that's exactly what a cover does. This prevents all this drake from polluting the pool. This means you have to spend less time cleaning it.