5 Pro Tips to Remove Rodent Pests From Your Home

Controlling and removing rodents from your home can be confusing with numerous products, articles and service providers available to facilitate the process.

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Here are 5 pro tips to help you remove rodent pests from your home to prevent large expenses in repairs after rodents.

  1. Eliminate food sources. If there is no food around your home for rodents to eat they will move on quickly in search of something to eat. Things to remove or seal properly include fruit and vegetable gardens, pet food, cereals and other pantry items where packaging could be chewed through.

  2. Remove compost. Although this is great for the environment and recycling, it provides both food and warmth for rodents, which are ideal for nesting.

  3. Cover entry points. Inspect the outside of your home, looking from ground to ceiling, and make sure any holes and entrances are covered out, preventing them from making your ceilings, walls and floors their home.

  4. Fix leaks. Rodents like to live in damp environments. Leaks, however, also provide sources of drinking water for them. Nothing to drink makes your home uninhabitable.

  5. Ratsack. This is a potent rodent bait that you can purchase yourself if you want to try your hand at controlling rodents before considering a professional pest control service. This is available at your local hardware store and, when placed strategically, will be eaten by rodents and their nestmates.

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According to leading professionals, Rodent control can be a difficult exercise and, if left unmanaged, can be costly. These 5 professional tips in controlling rodents can be easily implemented in your home.