A Guide On Application Modernization

Digital Transformation has become a buzz in the past few years. IBM I modernization technology offers skills and tools that help in determining the right strategy based on your business, to modernize and accelerate the time to the value of cloud-based environments. This technology offers various benefits to the developers like it gives the ability to create new features and services into new applications. You can also read about various application modernization strategies online.

Also, application modernization can lead to greater customer satisfaction in addition to increased profit. This can improve the user experience, as well as the developer experience. LANSA’s IBM I modernization technology offers a variety of solutions that gives businesses complete control over their IBM projects. 

This has helped many enterprises and technical teams to modernize and expand the functionality of IBM I for 30+ years. You can develop new apps and modernize your existing applications by using modernization technology.  

Whether you need to build and maintain inventory management systems, to create hospitality booking infrastructures, LANSA's IBM I modernization will help you to choose the right tools at the right price. 

Essential technologies for successful IBM I modernization?

  • Blockchain solutions
  • REST APIs  

LANSA framework combines all the right trends in digital transformation and software development. IT helps organizations harness the power of automation and digital transformation technologies. This is the solution for the businesses that need modernization and data integration reliably, quickly, and with limited developer resources.