About Revel Nation Carnival

Revel Nation Carnival was founded in 2014 by brothers Michael and Bryan Gossett who saw a need in the EDM community for an event that catered specifically to its fans. Revel Nation was created to provide a fun and exciting experience for electronic dance music fans of all types. You can also navigate to this site, to know more about revel nation carnival.

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It's been four years since Revel Nation Carnival was founded by brothers Michael and Bryan Gossett who wanted a carnival that catered specifically to the needs of the EDM community. So, in celebration of its fourth anniversary, Revel announced it would be hosting its biggest party ever from October 12-14th.

Revel Nation describes the story and process of founding their company which includes the problems they saw within the EDM community and how they decided to create something unique.

Revel Nation's 4th Anniversary party was held this past weekend and we were lucky enough to attend as VIP guests. The night featured a full EDM lineup, including some of New York City's most popular DJs.

Revel Nation has been in operation for four years and has shown a strong commitment to its patrons. For the Fourth Anniversary Party, Revel Nation wanted to make it memorable, while also giving back by donating an equal amount of funds to two different charities – one of which was a local hospital.