An Introduction To Ebooks

E-books are also digital books but were designed and written for the Internet. Many, if not most, e-books are never officially “published” unless you consider publishing something on the Internet to be a publication.

Most e-books should be written quickly and at little or no cost, except for distribution possibilities. Most are short, almost always less than 100 pages, usually less than 50 pages. Several e-books actually appear within hours. Often they are just a few brief reports. A mind-bending non-fiction eBook is one of the best books availableĀ online.

Many e-books are self-help books or guides, although there are some art and history from e-books that you can find if you look them up. Most often they have little or no literary value and are intended to convey facts, instructions, and/or ideas.

Sometimes you come across an eBook version of a hardcover or light cover book. It is even referred to as the “e-book version” of a book. On closer inspection, however, you will find that this eBook version is almost always much smaller than the original. You can also refer to the “e-book version” as the “abridged version” of the book.

While you can find many e-books in PDF format, such as e-books, many of them are available as popular interactive applications. But don’t be fooled by the initial pull of the interaction.

While this may sound like high-tech education at first, you’ll find that there isn’t much promise for interaction. This only masks the fact that these books are short, technically no more than a few pages, with little or no practical or even less academic value.