Awareness About Nipple Discharge

It is not necessary for women to learn the special techniques for checking their breasts. It is not difficult to spare time for this purpose at certain times such as while showering, putting on body lotion, dressing or simply looking into the mirror. 

Knowing what is normal for your breasts helps you detect the abnormal changes. Lumpiness of the breast needs to be observed when it is just in one breast. On the Internet you can know all about nipple changes.

Menstrual cycle is abnormal and must be checked as it takes place. If a nipple discharge occurs without squeezing the nipple it is unusual. Changes in the breast skin like occurrence of dimples, wrinkles and rashes on the skin are worthy to be noticed. Unusual breast pain that is permanent and does not go away.

Hormonal changes cause many changes in the breasts such as a woman can have swollen, lumpy breasts before periods and it happens due to the increased level of female hormone estrogen.

Cysts are commonly observed in women of a specific age group including the women of age 35 -50 especially those who are using hormone replacement therapy. Milk discharge for breastfeeding women as they don't cause any trouble so no treatment is required.