Back Pain Treatment By The Best Doctor In Honolulu

There are many options for back pain treatment, including other treatments. Your doctor may recommend acupuncture, massage, and herbal medicine as part of your treatment plan.

Doctors will evaluate your back, assess your ability to stand, sit, walk, and lift your legs if you have back pain. You can also be asked by the back expert in Honolulu to rate your pain and discuss how you cope with it.

These tests help to determine the source of the pain, the amount you can move before it forces you to stop, and if you have any muscle spasms. A back specialist near me can also help rule out other causes of back pain. The back and neck specialist near you may request one or more of these tests if there are concerns about back pain.

X-rays – These images show how your bones are aligned and whether you have arthritis. These images do not reveal problems with the spine, muscles, nerves, or intervertebral disks.

Calculated tomography or magnetic reverberation imaging- These scans can expose herniated discs or other difficulties with bones, tissues, nerves, and ligaments. This is approved for chronic problems by my back doctors.

The mainstay for back pain treatment is physiotherapy. To reduce pain, a physiotherapist may use heat, ultrasound, electric stimulation, and muscle relaxation techniques to treat the muscles and soft tissues.

The physiotherapist will be able to teach you exercises that will increase flexibility, strengthen your abdominal and back muscles, improve your posture, and help with pain relief. These techniques can be used frequently to prevent the pain from returning.