Benefits of Solar Pool Covers

A solar pool cover may be considered primarily for keeping debris out of the water, but have you considered the added benefits of buying one? There are many more benefits to getting the right solar swimming pool cover for your pool.

An extended swim time

One of the main benefits of a solar pool cover is that it keeps the water warm compared to not blanketing it at night. Heat logically escapes through the water at night, but with the added insulation that the cover provides, you can limit the drop in temperature at night. 

As a result, you have a swimming pool that's ready for early-morning use—something that's probably not possible in some states, thanks to cooling nighttime temperatures—and a heated swimming pool all day.

In addition, a solar cover can also prolong the duration of the swimming season, especially in states where summer is short, by keeping the water warm for longer.

Cost savings

If you are concerned about the cost of solar pool covers then you must think about the cost savings that they bring. By keeping the water warm during the night you are reducing expensive heating costs. Additionally, solar pool covers reduce evaporation to a sufficient level and thus reduce the amount of water required to regularly fill the pool.

Pool cleaning is the main cost, but with a well-fitted cover, you are keeping debris out of the swimming pool and also reducing algae growth. Hence less money is allocated for cleaning chemicals and servicing, another obvious advantage that is worth a look at.

The major benefits of a solar pool cover are numerous, and I believe this article has made you aware of the main reasons why you should consider buying it.