Can Playing Mini-Golf Be Educational for Kids?

It is a well-known fact that for children, play is learning. This is exceedingly demonstrated when kids play mini-golf. There are so many educational benefits that for kids, it should be called "maxi-golf!" The most apparent benefit is the physical activity of playing mini-golf. It has been said that a golfer can burn up to 350 calories in one hour of playing golf.

Children may or may not need to burn calories for weight loss, but they do need to burn off energy so that they can concentrate during times of quiet study. You can also choose various golf courses at

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Playing mini-golf gives kids the opportunity to walk off the energy, swing a golf club, chase a ball, and chase their friends around the course. The walking is constant enough that it can provide a good solid cardiovascular workout for a typical child. Swinging a club works for the large muscle groups in the arms while squatting and bending work the large muscles of the legs as well.

Obviously where a mini-golf course is concerned, the larger the better when it comes to a good physical workout for kids. The best physical activity is possible if the course also has multiple levels that must be reached by climbing steps, and inclines.

Look for a large multi-level course if you want to provide the maximum physical benefits for your children. The other major advantage of kid courses is the fact that most are outside.

Kids need the fresh air and sunshine, and a mini-golf course is one great place for them to receive this needed health benefit. An added value to the physical activity is the good night's sleep a kid will get after playing an afternoon of golf.