Characteristics Of The Alocasia Regal Shields

Alocasia Regal Shields, also known by the elephant ear royal shields, are gorgeous velvety plants with deep green flat leaves. This plant is a highlight for most growers due to its velvety blackness and reddish-colored undersides. 

The perfect heart-shaped leaves have ruffled edges. Its overall appearance is enough to enhance the appeal of your garden. You can easily find online through various websites to decore home with Alocasia Regal Shields or elephant ear.

alocasia regal shield

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Characteristics of the Plant

1. Dormancy:

These plants have a slow growth rate and drop their leaves during the winter, which is when they enter dormancy. Do not worry if your plant is in a similar condition. It will begin to flourish again in the spring.

You must also ensure your plant has the best growing conditions. The plant needs water once every two to three days.

2. Flowers of Alocasia Regal Shield

This plant is well-known for its lush foliage and velvety black appearance. In the warmer season, they can also produce Aroid flowers with pale yellow or light green spathe. A beautiful giant flower is formed when the spadix covers the spathe.

3. The height of the plant:

When it reaches maturity, the average plant height is between 3 and 6 feet. Although it can reach 9ft in outdoor environments, this is not a standard length.

4. The leaves of the plant:

The average length of mature elephant ear leaves is between 8 and 20 inches.