Detect IL-4 Using Human IL-4 ELISA Kits

The Human IL-4 ELISA Kit (ab215089), a single-wash, 90 minute sandwich ELISA, is designed to measure IL-4 in plasma, plasma and serum. It captures antibodies that are conjugated to an antibody affinity tag. This tag is recognized by plates. This sandwich ELISA method allows for the formation of an antibody-analyte sandwich compound in a single step.

IL-4 is a 129-amino acid long-secreted protein. IL-4 is a cytokine that is produced mainly by activated lymphocytes, mast cells and basophils. It can modulate immune responses in many ways by acting on a variety of cell types. IL-4 is measured through high-quality Human IL-4 ELISA kits.


It acts as a co-stimulator for DNA-synthesis. It stimulates the expression class II MHC molecules in resting B-cells. It increases both the secretion and surface expression of IgE/IgG1. It regulates expression of low affinity Fc receptors for IgE (CD23), on lymphocytes as well as monocytes. IL-4 positively regulates IL31RA in macrophages.

The Human Interleukin 4 ELISA measures Hu IL-4 levels in serum, plasma, buffered solutions, and cell culture media. This assay can only recognize natural and recombinant Hu IL-4. The microplate has wells for the target-specific antibody. These wells can then be filled with samples, standards, and controls that bind to the captured (immobilized) antibody. 

The sandwich is formed by the addition of the second (detector) antibody, a substrate solution is added that reacts with the enzyme-antibody-target complex to produce a measurable signal. This signal's intensity is directly proportional with the target concentration in the original specimen.