Differences Between Non-Immigration And Immigration Law

Non-immigration lawyers help individuals with legal problems not related to immigration. This can include everything from criminal law to family law. Immigration lawyers, on the other hand, focus specifically on immigration law. You can easily hire non-immigration lawyers for visa applications online from many sites.

One of the main differences between the two is that non-immigration lawyers often work with clients who are not subject to U.S. immigration law.

non-immigration lawyer

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This means that they may be able to help those who are seeking residency or citizenship in the United States, but who may have run into legal difficulties unrelated to their immigration status.

Immigration lawyers, on the other hand, are typically only able to help those who are subject to U.S. immigration law and may have been stopped at the border or arrested while trying to enter the country.

Another difference between non-immigration and immigration law is that non-immigration lawyers usually work with a single client at a time.

This means that they are not able to perform detailed investigations into a person’s background or go through all of their case files in order to provide optimal representation.

Immigration lawyers, on the other hand, often have many clients and must be extremely knowledgeable about U.S. immigration law in order to provide quality representation for each individual client.