Do You Need an Estate Planning Attorney?

Hiring an estate planning lawyer is an essential component of creating legal strategies. Attorneys who specialize in this area assist people to perform a final will, lasting power of attorney, health care proxies, and revocable or irrevocable trusts.

Employing an experienced estate probate attorney is essential if you wish to maintain inheritance assets from probate. Various strategies exist to prevent probate.

Normally, the probate procedure takes six to eight months to repay. Much is dependent upon the estate worth, court caseload, and household dynamics. A few reasons why you need to receive legal counsel is that probate attorneys can assist in explicitly defining who inherits the property and how much.


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Dealing with estate planning attorneys is especially important when household strife exists. Regrettably, death can bring the worst out in most people. Anger, greed, and jealousy can induce heirs who feel slighted to contest the will and extend probate for weeks or even years.

If someone contests the will, the property accounts for protection legal penalties. If the judge rules in favor of the plaintiff, the property is responsible for restitution of the legal fees too.

This can make a significant financial burden and possibly bankrupt property. Maintaining the services with the help of a skilled estate planning lawyer decreases the prospect of family feuds and contesting the will.