Drain Unblocking: Removing Pesky Clogs

Every homeowner will experience a blocked drain at some point. This clog is most often found in the kitchen sink. You will need to be familiar with at least two methods of drain cleaning in order to fix the problem. The best way to prevent clogs is to avoid them in the first place. 

This can be done by not putting grease or other substances down the sink. These can clog your pipes and cause damage. There are some things that you can do in the interim, before calling a plumber from https://exeter-drains.co.uk/drain-unblocking-services/. First, remove the stopper from the sink.

Next, use your hands or a grabber to get rid of any remaining debris. This is the easiest method for drain cleaning and is often the most efficient. This method is more effective for bathroom clogs where hair is the problem. The hair can get wrapped around the stopper, stopping water from flowing through. 

You may still be able to remove food and debris from the kitchen sink. Although we think of using the plunger to clean out toilet clogs it can also be used for clearing kitchen sink clogs. Place the plunger in the drain hole of the sink and fill it with water. You can purchase a smaller plunger for sink use if your plunger is too big. 

The plunger should be pumped five to ten times before being lifted from the sink. You will know if it worked immediately. Most likely, you've noticed that your pipe runs underneath the sink. It can be used to locate a ring, or any other valuable item that was accidentally dropped into the sink. You can also call a plumber to have professional drain cleaning services.