Features to Look For in a Cordless Electric Chainsaw

When it comes to cordless electric chainsaw reviews, there are few better options than the EGO Power+. With a fully charged, 56 volt 5 Ah batteries, this model gives you ample power to gut through any dense underbrush, limbs, and trees in your path. The chain saw batteries even have over-charge protection which means that you don't have to worry about running out of juice while cutting. Then, when the battery is low on juice, it Charges surprisingly fast.

This is one of the best cordless electric chainsaw reviews because it also happens to be one of the cheapest as well. While other models may offer features that are more useful to an individual, the Power+CS1800 only offer minor advantages. It offers no extras like a chain brake, which can prevent you from cutting off small animals that might be in the way of the chainsaw.

Cordless electric chainsaws at homestuffreviews.com can offer some serious benefits to anyone who owns one. These tools can save you a lot of time because they are so simple to operate. In addition to saving you time, they also save you money. Each time you use your chainsaw for a project, you pay less in the long run because they require little maintenance. Here are several reasons why it's cheaper to buy a EGo Power+CS1800 compared to other chain saws on the market today:

The cordless chainsaw runs on a triple A battery. That means that the EGO Power battery weighs three times as much as all the other batteries used for other cordless tools. The extra weight doesn't really translate into bigger savings, but when you consider how greenworks batteries are, it's certainly a positive difference.

Compared to corded electric chainsaws and cordless rechargeable battery powered tools, the EGo battery-powered chainsaw is more powerful. The six volt battery gives the saw more power than a comparable corded tool would need to operate at the same level of power. On top of that, the extra power helps you cut faster because it allows you to accelerate or reduce your speed depending on what you need to get done. You won't have to deal with running out of battery in an emergency. Even though it takes a little longer to recharge the cordless tool, you can expect it to last longer than a corded tool would. Just make sure you don't leave it plugged in too long.

The EGo's safety features include an automatic bar release, which prevents the chain from snagging on anything when in use. It's important to remember that chainsaws are designed to cut through hard materials, so you shouldn't try to use one of these chainsaws around power cords and other objects that could get in the way of the chain. This is especially true if you're cutting posts or tiles. Electric chainsaw users who do make their way into these types of areas should back up slowly and carefully. Remember that an electric chain saw can get quite a bit of power behind a single motion, so be aware of where you're cutting.

In addition to having a powerful motor, a good cordless chainsaw should come with some type of cordless bar adjustment. A good bar for this type of tool should allow you to vary the tension of the chain along the length of the bar. The most common way to adjust the tension is by moving the bottom spur onto the steel deck. Another option is to bend the bar upwards at the attachment point. The more professional option is to use a variable-ratio cordless motor along with a locking pin in order to keep the chain tension at precisely the right level.

Another feature that should come with all cordless chainsaws is a chain dust collector. Dust collection is especially important when using cordless saws that use bar length electric motors. This is because with the dust accumulating on the deck, you run the risk of the bar length getting too close to the edge of the deck, which could lead to a potential safety issue. Even if your saw comes with a dust collector, it's still a good idea to purchase one just in case.