Find Asian Cuisine In Spokane

Asian food, in all its sweet, sour, tangy and spicy glory, continues to influence the world cuisine. Just as the cultures of Asia are diverse, so are the culinary traditions.  

From the flavours of Thailand to the exquisite creations of Japan, Asia is just the place to be for foodies and travellers who love to explore the food culture. So, if you want to take an alluring culinary adventure you must try the best Asian cuisine.

Nasi Tempong blended with fresh vegetables, meat and fish and a variety of spices, Balinese food is a part of Indonesian cuisine. The Balinese dishes demonstrate indigenous traditions and influence from regional Indian and Chinese cuisines. 

Some of the traditional dishes that you must try during your Spokane trip should include Satay, Betutu, BabiGuling and Lawar. But, one of the most popular dishes is Nasi Tumpeng, which is the local dish of Bali but easily found in Spokane. 

Thai food is highly regarded in Spokane and across the world. The flavours are influenced by other Southeast Asian countries, particularly China and India. However, Thai food comes with a unique flavour and aroma of its own. Pad Thai is commonly seen as fried noodles, topped with tofu, shrimps, bean sprouts and eggs and beautifully seasoned with sauce.