Finding A Care Home For Your Elderly Parent With Dementia

Staff who are certified to provide dementia care will be able to work in homes that have been registered to offer personal care. 

Some homes can be registered to provide nursing care. This means that they have a nurse on call 24 hours a day (though the nurse may not be a mental healthcare nurse).

The individual's health and specific needs will determine the type of home that is required. The primary function of the care home sector in the UK is to provide dementia care facilities from

Take the time to visit a potential rest home. Make sure you pay attention to these criteria.

The amenities

Is it safe and clean? A care facility's cleanliness and safety are a sign of the quality of the service your loved one will receive. Your parent will be protected from any illness or injury by having access to safe and clean facilities.

The staff

Verify their qualifications. Check their interactions with residents. Are they caring and compassionate? They will take care of your parent's wellbeing 24 hours a day. It is important to ensure that your parents receive specialized, personalized care.


Are they clean and properly dressed? Are they content? Are they well-supervised or left to wander aimlessly?


People are often afraid to go to care facilities because they believe the price is too high. While it can be a large investment, it is possible to find a facility that fits your budget while still providing the best care for your loved ones.