How NEBOSH Certification is Helpful For Your Career

The prestigious NEBOSH diploma is the highest quality in safety and health. Founded in 1979 by NEBOSH, NEBOSH has grown to be one of the most respected and important safety and health awarding bodies on the planet. 

The NEBOSH diploma is the most comprehensive of all the qualifications they offer. These qualifications are for professionals in safety and health, and they require dedication and time. You can get more information about NEBOSH general certificate at

NEBOSH estimates that the National Diploma of Occupational Health and Safety will require 241 hours of tuition and 234 hours for self-study and reading. These qualifications are so extensive that many universities will accept them as part of their entry requirements for MSC programs!

A NEBOSH diploma can only be obtained by those who are committed to obtaining it and willing to work hard. Anyone who isn't willing to do the hard work from the beginning should not be allowed to take the qualification.

Some companies or organizations will require certain employees to take a course in health and safety. Sometimes, employees may not want to take the course, especially if forced by their employer.

They will not pay attention to the course or do the homework if they don't want to. They may be able to pass a short course or even one that isn't accredited. This is not possible for a NEBOSH diploma.