How to Choose The Best Motion Detector Lights

Installing motion detector lights is a quick and inexpensive way to brighten areas of your home. This lighting is ideal for lighting dark areas, garages, and even you would like to flaunt a motion detector closet light.

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How do motion activated lights work?

Motion sensor outdoor lighting systems typically have a semicircular field view of 240 degrees and a maximum range of 70 feet. These lights can cause nuisance trips, which is a common problem. 

Choosing the Best Out in the open  Motion Sensor Lights

Three main factors are important to consider when choosing the best outdoor motion detector light for your enjoyment or security.

What distance do you want the motion detector to detect movement before turning on the light?

If security is your primary goal when installing a motion sensor lighting system, then determining the distance will be an important factor in deciding which model to buy. This is actually what outdoor motion sensors that are the best quality do. This is why LED and Halogen lights are the best options.

What area would you like your motion sensor to detect?

Another important aspect to consider is the coverage width, or the detection area in degrees. A 360 degree coverage area is the best. You will have no undetected areas thanks to the sensor on your security lights.

How bright do motion sensor lights need to shine?

High quality motion sensors can run up to 300 watts, so this is something you should consider before buying. If security is your primary goal, lamps that shine brightly may be the best choice.If your primary goal is to create a beautiful design, you might consider using bulbs that have a maximum power of 150-300 W.