How to Do Church Strategic Planning

Many are recognizing the importance of church planting. The bible supports the value of setting clear directions, prioritizing, and counting the cost. Church leaders are to lead the people for whom they are responsible with diligence and they can do this mandate by conducting church planning. You can look for the best church in Milwaukee online by browsing this site

   4 Essential Steps to Church Strategic Planning - Pushpay

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Strategic church planning aims to guide the church in understanding why it exists. It also entails what strategies it will take in the next three to five years to make a significant impact in its immediate communities. It is a collective process of envisioning a proper biblical future for the church and working together toward that future.

The essence of church planning is that the church leaders, in line with the God-given mandate and commission, prayerfully and collectively agree to the church's direction and well-designed course to get there.

A church plan sets the overall direction and priorities of the church that will be responsive to changes in it and in its environment. It sets priorities that guide the church to make decisions that will lead and accomplish its mission over a specific period of time.

There are three main phases to church planning: pre-planning and actual planning.

Pre-planning is a preparation phase that is essential for the actual planning phase. Pre-planning involves gathering relevant information for the actual planning phase.

Actual planning starts with determining or revisiting the church’s shared and core values, vision, mission, and goals statements.

Post church strategic planning includes the presentation of the strategic plan to the church members.