How To Select The Correct Leash For Your Pet Dog

If you have a dog, a leash will be an important aspect of both of your worlds. Gone are the days when you would happily let your dog run at you. In many urban areas, it is a legal requirement that your pet must be tied up at all times. That's why it's important that you choose the best and most durable dog leash for your friend.

You'll find thousands of straps to buy today. Do you know how to choose one? Of course, elegant straps and cords with charming words are a plus, but they may not be well designed or practical. When you decide to go to get a lead there are many things that you actually do need to consider when you make your choice.

The first issue to consider is your dog's size and weight. Nearly all leashes have labels on them that suggest just how much the pet wearing them should weigh. Also, think about the material from which the leash is made. Leather or nylon is usually the best choice. You do not need a leash that could result in rope burns if it gets tangled or pulled.

You also want something durable and strong. The chain strap is not very good. A dog has the potential to break or damage a tooth with a leash made of a chain. Cleaning is an additional aspect that many people don't take into account, although it is very important. The strap is likely to be dusty in most cases, it's inevitable.

Will you be able to wash it? Just how long lead do you need? In some places there are restrictions on how long the leash can be, you should be aware of these laws if they are going to impact both you and your dog. You don't need a lead that's more than 6 feet, for daily walking. Anything longer might be more of a hindrance than anything else.