Information About Local Isuzu Dealers

Isuzu has signed 13 new traders since it started its drive to include retailers in late 2006. The interest comes from used-car stores trying to become new-vehicle traders, in addition to dealerships keen to include Isuzu service company, all with no massive investment.  Some traders also are ready to include Isuzu's pickups and midsize SUVs for their automobile offerings.

The new traders are arriving onboard even though a product lineup that is composed of just the five-seat Ascender SUV, based on the Chevrolet TrailBlazer and the i-series pickup, based on GM's small pickup stage. Isuzu's 201 traders sold 7,098 automobiles in 2007. New regional Isuzu traders are emerging in the market.

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Nine of the 13 new franchise holders are located from the South, such as a run by Joe Falk, owner of Little Joe's Isuzu at Chesapeake. Falk, a used-vehicle seller, obtained his Isuzu shop in November 2006 from a group that desired to overthrow both Isuzu and Mitsubishi. He explained the Isuzu franchise has been a chance to get traction at the new-car marketplace.

Since launching the shop, Falk said he's sold about 115 automobiles. J.D. Tomlinson, the owner of Tomlinson Motor Co., a used-car shop in Gainesville, Fla., sells approximately 70 used vehicles per month, largely 2006 versions and newer. He received his Isuzu franchise past September from a trader who'd Isuzu dueled with Pontiac-GMC.

He also relishes new-car status. It may mean better funding opportunities and better remedies at auctions. Not all the new owners come in the used-vehicle sector. Jeremy Franklin a Suzuki trader has obtained Isuzu franchises since he states Isuzu's trucks have been nifty additions to their Suzuki car lineup. They state the service company is an additional bonus.