Installing Car Paint Protective Film

It doesn't matter if you just bought a new car with a beautiful paint job or just painted your old car, you need to protect it from the elements. One of the best ways to do this is by installing an automotive paint protection film. 

This is a thin, transparent film that is placed on the front of the car to prevent the paint from chipping, scratching, and damage from gravel and flying insects as you drive from one destination to another.

You can contact a professional online through to install the car paint protection film or you can do it yourself if you have patience and can follow the basic instructions. You can buy the protective film in rolls or kits.

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If you have ever handled tent window film, then you have a good idea of how this film works. It is the same principle because this thin film of thermoplastic urethane is adhered to the surface by means of an acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive.

The steps to install a car paint protection film are listed below:

1. Have a clean and dust free environment. You cannot install this film in an area that is not spotless.

2. Gather all your supplies. This includes the film roll or kit, blade, squeegee, and application solution.

3. Now measure and cut the film to fit your car. This step can be difficult because it must be precise. If you are unsure if you can cut the film to the correct measurements, we recommend purchasing the custom designed kits. On these, the film is already pre-cut to fit certain models.

4. Now that everything is ready, you need to prepare the vehicle. It must be completely spotless because any dirt and dust left on the car will be trapped under the film.

5. Use the application solution to thoroughly wet the area. Remove the backing from the film and gently snap it into position without applying any pressure. Once it's in place, take the squeegee and smooth out any water and air bubbles. Start in the center and work your way out for best results.

6. Once the film is in place and all bubbles have been squeezed out, use the utility knife to trim away any excess film.