Introduction To Democratic Alliance In South Africa

The New Democratic Alliance (NDA) is an alliance of seven political parties in South Africa. The NDA was formed in February 2018, following the national elections that were held in May that year. The NDA is the first coalition government to be formed in South Africa since the end of apartheid. You can also get more information about the democratic alliance in South Africa online via

The purpose of this blog is to provide a snapshot of the politics of the NDA and to explore its impact on South African politics.

The New Democratic Alliance (NDA) is the ruling coalition in South Africa. It was formed in 1999 following the end of the apartheid era and is made up of nine political parties. The NDA is considered to be more moderate than its predecessor, the African National Congress (ANC). The NDA has ruled South Africa since May 2009.

The NDA has been criticized for its lacklustre economic performance and its lack of responsiveness to public concerns. In recent years, it has faced increased competition from the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), a radical new party that was founded in 2013. The EFF has made significant gains in recent elections, and its popularity may pose a challenge to the NDA's long-term political stability.

The New Democratic Alliance (NDA) is a coalition of South African political parties that was formed in 1999. The NDA is considered to be the main opposition party in South Africa, and its leader, Jacob Zuma, has been the country’s president since 2009.