Know About the Basic Types of Enclosures

The screen attachment is the perfect way to enjoy the nature of free without disturbing bugs, cold winds, or bright sun. Adding coverage to your backyard or home will not only improve your outdoor pleasure but also add the value and beauty of your home.

However, there are many types of screen attachments, which work with different parts of your home and backyard. Each type of screen enclosure has a different attribute and design intention that makes it perfect for the work. You can buy year-round pool enclosures through

Before you start thinking about what type of cage you need, you must learn the basic type. The basic type of screen attachment is:

  • Screen Room

The screen room is a structure that has a solid roof and open and filtered walls. Screen rooms are usually added on the terrace or deck, or add to the house. The room screen can have a crushed or sloping roof depending on your preferences.

  • Pool enclosure

Pool Enclosure is a type of screen enclosure designed to protect the outdoor pool. They can be installed on the ground or in the ground pool, and are perfect for keeping bugs and animals coming out and children. Attachments are available in different styles and materials, but all look through visibility.

  • Sunrooms

Sunrooms are a glass cover designed to watch outdoors while still having complete protection from elements. Because the sunbathing space is completely closed, you can control the environment more than the screen space.

  • Terrace covers

The patio cover is an enclosure that is not fully closed but only covers the top of a region. The terrace lid is designed to protect the area of the sun and rain. The terrace lid can be converted into a screen room with the addition of a simple screen wall.