Know All About Transferrin Antibody

Transferrin Antibody (D-9) is a high-quality monoclonal transferrin antibody (also designated granulocyte/pollen-binding protein (GPBP) antibody, TFQTL1 antibody, 76.5 kDa Transferrin glycoprotein antibody, Iron (Fe) transport glycoprotein antibody suitable for the detection of the transferrin protein of human origin. Know All About Transferrin Antibody

Transferrin Antibody (D-9) can be purchased in both the unconjugated anti-transferrin antibody version and also different conjugated forms of the antibody, which include agarose PE, HRP, FITC, and various Alexa Fluor (r) conjugates. Iron (Fe) is a metabolism controlled and growth hormone found in every living cell. You can know more about transferrin antibodies via

The iron that is not bound by hemoglobin from erythrocytes is transported via transferrin which is the iron transporter protein found in vertebrate serum. Transferrin is a protein that has two homologous domains. Both of which contain a Fe-binding site. Transferrin is primarily made in the liver and released into the blood.

However, it can also be found in lesser amounts in the brain and testis and the oligodendrocytes. Transferrin is an early indicator of the differentiation of oligodendrocytes. In the blood, transferrin is taken up by erythroblasts and cells that bind to the transferrin receptor (TfR) which is also known as CD71 by a network of vesicles and pits coated with. 

Transferrin is the primary iron transporter protein, which connects to Fe(+3). The system for transferring iron import comprises a TonB associated transporter (TbpA), as well as the lipoprotein co-receptor (TbpB) as well as both of them, collaborate to transport iron over the plasma.