Reduce Plastic Usage With The Help Of A Reusable Cotton Swab

According to the company LastObject, 1.5 million disposable swabs are manufactured every day. Since they're not recyclable, a lot of them end up going to landfills, or in water. For those who are trying to reduce the use of plastic or are just tired of buying the same swabs in packs that keep being thrown away from your medicine cupboard, this is an excellent solution.

The swab is roughly the same dimensions as disposable ones. However, the ends are constructed of an elastomer-like material, as well as the rod constructed of plastic, which has been strengthened by glass fiber. Due to its durability, the company claims the swab will last up to 1,000 times. You can go to to buy reusable cotton swabs with the intention of saving the environment.

LastSwab Reusable Swab

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It comes with textured ends that provide a gentle and relaxing inner-ear scratch. However, just like regular swabs, it's best to focus on the outermost region that is inside your ear canal and don't bother looking around.

As opposed to single-use swabs, you must clean them frequently, which can be done using soap and water or with some disinfectant like ruby alcohol. It could also be utilized for a myriad of other reasons such as the removal of makeup or nail polish.

Beyond the traditional swabs to clean your ears the brand provides a variety of environmentally friendly alternatives to commonly used items. They offer a swab designed specifically for use in beauty applications with the soft point tip which is perfect to apply makeup and make-up-touch-ups. In addition, there's the option of buying recyclable tissue as well as cotton pads in case you wish to switch out other items to eco-friendly alternatives.