Select Replacement Doors And Windows in Ontario

You can increase the value of your home by replacing doors and windows in Ontario. It can also improve its appearance and energy efficiency. New windows and doors are an integral part of a home. They can reduce utility bills, increase comfort, and control heat, cold, and UV light penetration. 

Look out for EPA ENERGY STAR labels when shopping for energy-efficient doors and windows. This rating indicates compliance with EPA standards. Products rated ENERGY STAR can be eligible for rebates from utility companies and a federal tax credit. In Ontario, you can find the best door and window companies at

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The program was created by the EPA to encourage conservation, development, and use of products that increase energy efficiency. The following criteria determine whether a product is eligible for ENERGY STAR ratings:

  • Nationally, products (windows or doors) should offer significant energy savings.
  • Customers expect products to perform well and provide better energy efficiency.
  • Non-proprietary technology can help you save energy. It is available in many products from multiple manufacturers.
  • Products that are eligible for more energy efficiency must be less expensive than those that are non-energy efficient.
  • Through testing, it is possible to measure and document product energy consumption and conservation.
  • For products to be identified and distinguished from other products, they must have clearly labeled labels that indicate their energy star rating.

Using ENERGY STAR-rated windows and replacement doors can help to reduce the damage that is caused by the elements, while also increasing the home's value. With falling home prices and a rising cost of living, new windows could give your home the boost it needs to recover its former value.