Services You Can Get From an Employment Law Firm

If you've ever wondered what specialized services you can get from a commercial law firm, here you will find your answers. Below I've rounded up some of the leading legal services offered by a employment law firm.

A business law firm can help solve the following problems:

Civil Proceedings

A commercial law firm can assist in civil matters. This has to do with resolving issues such as breach of purchase contracts, breach of service and supply contracts, shareholder-partner disputes, trade secrets, fraud, etc. It may represent clients in all dispute resolution forums, including the jury, arbitration, and mediation.

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Construction Law

It is also able to assist clients with all aspects of construction law, including contract review, bid protest, building claims, applicable wages, and labor disputes, project support negotiations, company formation, and licensing. Dispute resolution can be done through a court process, mediation, or arbitration.

Company and Business

Incorporate and business matters, it can assist clients with incorporation and infrastructure, commercial transactions such as contract manufacturing and suppliers, mergers and acquisitions.

Wealth, Trust, and Inheritance Planning

Clients turn to commercial law firms for wealth planning, fiduciary, and probate matters. Some of the issues handled by this law firm include wealth and health decisions, child insurance, property insurance, inheritance issues, and so on.