Simple Catholic Funeral Services

Knowing when and where to get a Catholic funeral service is important. With so many options out there, the following article offers guidance of what you should do and be aware of when it comes to making the decision on how to arrange your funeral arrangements.

If you're considering having a Catholic funeral, there are a few things to keep in mind. If you are looking for the best simple catholic funeral services you can also visit this site .

1. Choose the date and time of the funeral. This is important because the church will require at least seven days notice for an open casket funeral, but they will usually allow four days notice for a private burial. 

2. Choose the type of service. There are three main types of Catholic funerals: open casket, private burial, and cremation. Open casket funerals are typically the most popular because families can view the body after the service. Private burials are usually only for people who have close relatives who want to bury them. Cremation is becoming more popular due to environmental concerns, but it's not as common as open or private burial. 

3. Choose an officiant. An officiant is someone who will lead the service and perform religious ceremonies. There are many options available, including ordained priests, retired priests, rabbis, and ministers from other faiths. You can also choose an honorary minister if you don't have a specific clergyperson in mind.