The Hidden Truth on Acne Diet Exposed

The Department of Dermatology conducted a test on two groups of men. One group was given a low-glycemic diet which consisted of lean meat and whole grains. 

The other group consumed a wide range of high-glycemic-index foods which resembled the typical modern diet. These included soda drinks, potato chips, white bread, and snacks.

After 12 weeks, the men with a low-glycemic index diet had their acne reduced by 50%. Based on the result of this test, we can see that there is a strong relationship between food and acne. You can also find the best Dermatologist in Melbourne via

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Nutritional Deficiency And Acne

If you increase the intake of healthy foods, it will help your skin. In other words, healthy eating is required for blemish-free skin. The food you should avoid is like donuts, french fries, white bread, and breakfast cereals should be cut out of your diet list.

What Foods You Should Start Including:


You need protein for skin repair including salmon, lean meat, and whey protein in your diet.


Zinc is another important nutrient for your skin. Including the best sources of zinc are oysters, lean meats, poultry, and pumpkin.


Always drink plenty of water. Water keeps your immune system working properly and regulates the elimination of toxins. If you keep yourself hydrated your skin will look better. Your skin will look healthier when you include the right types of food in your daily diet.