The Process of Vipassana Meditation

The following is a standard summary of detailed instructions given to Meditators:

Breathe normally

Concentrate on the point of doorway of the nose where the moving air strikes the nostrils on the upper lip. Inhale normally and say quietly within your mind, ‘in, in, in’ as long as inhaling continues normally. Whether you feel or don’t feel the strike of air at the tip of your nose, you must keep your attention at that point.

At the end of inhale, exhale normally. Say quietly within your mind, ‘out, out, out’ as long as exhaling normally continues. But don’t prolong it! Whether you breathe or exhale, you must pay attention to your gateway from the nose and must say ‘enter, enter, in’ to breathe and ‘come out, come out’ to exhale but in your mind. Continue the process of breathing and exhaling in this way. You can click this link to find more about vipassana meditation.

Be mindful

While concentrating on inhaling and exhaling, your mind might roam. As soon as you realize your thoughts, call them with the appropriate name. For example, if you plan something, say mentally, ‘planning, planning, planning’. If you solve the problem, say, ‘solve, solve, solve’.

If your mind wanders around, say, ‘Wandering, Wandering, Wandering’. If you meet someone during Mental Wandering, say, ‘Meet’. If during mental Wandering, you talk to someone, say, ‘talk, talk, talk’. You must call the thoughts by their appropriate names repeatedly, until they disappear.

When these thoughts disappear, concentrate on inhale and exhale. While concentrating on this, if you want to swallow your saliva, say, ‘want to swallow’. If you swallow it, say, ‘swallow’. If you want to spit, say, ‘want to spit’. If you spit, say, ‘spit’. After that continue to concentrate on inhaling and exhale.