Tips for Making Agile Less Fragile

Agile support is similar in nature to agile development. It requires a plan that can be quickly executed and accomplished goals. If you do it correctly, agile support can help you achieve better quality and faster time to market. If you are looking for agile training, you can also check our certified SAFe training courses online.

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Make a Plan for Support

Your application will fail eventually. You know this and your development team must respond. Have you included support in your development plan? It's probably not, as management believes you should spend all your time programming.

Managers also demand constant productivity and efficiency improvement. They may not believe you if you tell them support is a bottleneck. The bottleneck is obvious when there is a major outage.


Agile development is all about breaking down a project into smaller pieces. When your project is a collection of small agile pieces, it can be hard to see the whole. It may also make it difficult to create a large architecture that scales and works with the final product.

SCRUM masters and project managers will often take the time to plan The World's Greatest Application Architecture. This architecture is full of logging, well-calculated scaleability, and an emphasis on ease of maintenance.

Even if you built The World's Greatest Application Architecture you'd likely discover that your application is too complex or take too much time to refactor. It is important to understand the following things when designing your application:

Consistency is key. Consistent logging, error handling, configuration management are all important. These standards should be adhered to during code reviews.