Traditional Indian Dance Lessons in New Jersey

Enthusiastic learners of all age groups can benefit from Indian dance classes in NJ provided by reputable cultural organizations. These  Indian dance lessons are expected to promote the rich culture and heritage of India among the next generation of Indian expatriates living in New Jersey.

Indian dances have the capacity to evoke Ananda or bliss both in the hearts of the performer as well as the audience. These are performed during cultural programs, events, festivals, and ceremonies to add happiness, fun, and color.

Bollywood Dance

The latest dance steps performed by all-time favorite actors in the Indian cine industry are taught to all aspiring dancers. This would even give them the opportunity to create new steps that would gain applause when performed for stage shows.


Students can learn the unique style and substance of Bharatanatyam dance to the accompaniment of Carnatic music played in the backdrop. Male and female dancers are trained to rhythmically coordinate their movements. In this dance form, one gets to understand the significance of blending bhava, raga, and tala.


When you gracefully combine Katha (story), Abhinaya (action), and Updesha (moral) you get to experience the zeal in Kathak. Dancers would learn the art of presenting the various poses with proper expressions and body movements while being swift on their feet work.