Vasectomy Treatment Performed In Austin

A vasectomy is a procedure that prevents sperm from traveling by a male's testicles, therefore, preventing the chance for him to impregnate a woman physically. It's a sort of permanent contraception used most often by men that have children, but who have decided to use their spouses never to further add to their family.

Possessing a vasectomy procedure usually means that a male may have physical activity without the fear of impregnating his or her partner. To begin with, there may nevertheless be seen in the tubes between your testicles. Schedule your procedure with us for the vasectomy treatment. 


A relatively new means of accomplishing a vasectomy is a no-scalpel vasectomy. Earlier, this new progress isn't available anywhere, but it is now more commonly available. It is very popular amongst patients compared to a traditional vasectomy. 

It's therefore advised that additional contraception can be used during the first few instances after the procedure. After a period of time of a few weeks, there should be no more risks of pregnancy. 

However, a vasectomy does not prevent the chance of transmitted infections from getting passed. With improvements in medicine, vasectomies are increasingly becoming more popular amongst men who decided to no longer reproduce an egg. 

It is a challenging decision though because it's effectively a permanent form of contraception. Surgeons have managed to reverse vasectomies but it is not always possible.