Video Surveillance – Not Just for Retail Security

Video surveillance isn't just about security. While most people think of "retail security services" when they look at security cameras, business owners now think of "performance." Some efficiency is achieved by monitoring business operations, and the camera provides this monitoring on a continuous basis so that management remains constant at all times.

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Transportation facilities monitor dock acceptance and truck traffic, production facilities monitor quality control lines around the clock and many companies monitor their employees as well as customers for employee theft, which causes over 70% of all inventory losses.

The main advantages of video surveillance systems for business management are:

  • Continuous real-time monitoring of systems and processes

  • Recorded performance measurement events

  • Remote access to facilities via the Internet

Many companies have realized the benefits of not only accessing live broadcasts from the cameras, but also using the DVR recordings from these cameras to provide feedback on the production process, review quality control, and confirm product delivery.

A business monitoring system. is a core business tool designed to provide equipment for digital video display and recording, product manufacturing, service equipment and transportation businesses.

Employers want to increase production and overall productivity in manufacturing services and facilities. A large auto repair shop monitors all service rooms and increases their service bill. This is also due to overall customer satisfaction with service staff who are able to tell customers right away where their car is located.