What are the Different Types of Physiotherapy Techniques?

Inflammation and pain are common side effects of injuries or degenerative conditions like rheumatoid arthritis. Learn about the various techniques that physiotherapists use to treat painful or degenerative conditions.

Physiotherapy, a branch of healthcare, is intended to treat impairments, disabilities, and injuries by physical intervention. A physiotherapist is a professional who performs this procedure. Physiotherapy is a form of pain relief that helps patients live, move, and function better. Learn about the different types of physiotherapy that therapists use in physiotherapy clinics to treat injuries.


It is not as scary as you might think. This technique is completely non-invasive and works in the same way as neuromuscular electric stimulation. NMES is a common name for this technique. It can cause tingling sensations, similar to when small electrical impulses are used to block pain sensations. You can contact the doctors via sheldonwellness.com/services/neuromuscular-electrical-stimulation/ for the neuromuscular electrical stimulation treatment that can help in alleviating pain symptoms. 

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Massages can help improve blood circulation and ensure a healthy flow of blood. Massages can also be used to increase flexibility or movement in certain areas of the body. Massages may be used if there is a high level of fluid accumulation.


It can be used to treat blood circulation problems, relieve pain sensations, and relax taut muscles. It is a form of physiotherapy, which is performed in a hydrotherapy tub that has been specially designed or in a pool. The injury and heal the problem. This is also known as aqua therapy, which involves the use of water physiotherapy.