What are your Sailing Vacation Options?

Nowadays, there are several options for someone who would love to enjoy a sailing vacation. Singles, pairs, or a group of individuals, can all enjoy the joys of sailing holidays just by renting a private yacht charter, or a cruise ship. 

Through this article, I will try to analyze for you all of the offered choices, you can choose one of the best sailing vacation options that suit you the most.


Bareboats yacht charter:

What's it: Bareboating is your chartering vacation, where you charter the entire boat for some time period -usually from a few weeks- and you're totally accountable for the state of your vessel, until the minute you'll return to the charter company/owner. You may skipper the boat by yourself or create a part of your team to be the skipper, or perhaps hire a professional skipper. You will always have to leave a refundable security deposit with your company/owner, to cover potential damages to the yacht. 

Most bare boats are from 40 to 60 feet in length and you can charter a traditional single-hulled yacht (mono-hull), a catamaran. Bareboats come equipped with everything needed to run them from kitchen utensils to towels, bedding, and sheets. Virtually all bareboat companies provide you with a dinghy when the outboard can be free of cost or charged as an"additional".

Benefits: To sail anywhere you like at any time you need (within your sailing area and charter period limitations naturally ). Another advantage is your solitude, the luxury to be with your family or close friends only.

Disadvantages: The nature of the bareboat requires the yachts to be as straightforward as possible for"ease of use", and to minimize the chances of a problem occurring. So, forget fancy electronic equipment -a VHF, an echo sounder, and a GPS- will be the basic tools you will find on most bareboat vessels. I don't mention rate logs, because they usually do not work.

Prices: The price for a charter/week can vary as a result of the various yacht sizes, however per person, the price is approx. Euros 50 per day (44 feet -in euros 3.000 a week- for 8 men will probably charge (per individual ) the same, like a 32 ft -at euros 1.500 per week- for 4 persons). You may reduce the cost if you choose a budget boat, a one-way excursion, or sail from the high peak season.