What is a Glaucoma Optometrist and What Are Their Main Functions?

Glaucoma is a disease that causes gradual loss of vision. This article highlights what glaucoma optometrist does and more importantly, how they help patients with the condition.

A glaucoma optometrist is a healthcare professional who diagnoses and treats all forms of glaucoma. They are responsible for providing comprehensive eye care to their patients, including diagnosis, treatment options, and follow-up care.

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Glaucoma is a condition that results from damage to the optic nerve, which transmits visual information from the eyes to the brain. The most common form of glaucoma is open-angle glaucoma, which occurs when the drainage of fluid from the eyes becomes blocked. 

This can lead to pressure buildup inside the eye, causing it to become damaged and eventually detach from the back of the eyeball. A glaucoma optometrist is a doctor who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases, such as glaucoma. They also provide specialized services for people with vision problems related to this condition.

A glaucoma optometrist typically performs a number of functions in the diagnosis and treatment of this condition. These include:

  • Examining the eyes using special equipment to measure eye pressure and other information
  • Determining if the person has glaucoma based on the results of this examination
  • Prescribing various treatments, such as medication and surgery, to treat glaucoma
  • Advising the person on how to manage their condition