What Is New Employee Onboarding?

Onboarding is a methodical and complete method of integrating the new employee into a department or business and its culture and also providing the new employee the information and tools they require to become active, productive employees in the workplace of an organization.

A well-designed, fun, and engaging worker onboarding process has a significantly greater effect on employee engagement and thus retention when compared to the old school mentality of one-day "orientation."

employee onboarding

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In actuality, The Human Resources Corporate Leadership Council discovered that an increase in an employee's engagement can improve their performance by 20 percent, and decrease the chance of an employee leaving by an astounding 87 percent!

If you're among the numerous companies still taking part in the onboarding process, which includes checklists for new employees and orientation days that are filled with hundreds of documents and videos, don't worry! Implementing an onboarding plan at your company might seem like something difficult to accomplish, but it's not necessary to be.

Many onboarding software options allow organizations to speedily and easily automate an official onboarding process for employees that begins before the first day of work which makes the process of onboarding much more efficient.

Onboarding software offers automated workflows, tasks management tools, electronic forms management, as well as socialization tools to help in introducing new employees to the company's culture.

Onboarding programs are designed to help new employees feel a valuable part of the team and bring their knowledge up to date with the demands of the job so they can begin producing as quickly as possible.