Which Parts Of Medicare Cover Nursing Homes?

Various parts of Medicare may assist with nursing home costs. Here is a summary of what Medicare may cover:

Medicare Part A: This part of Medicare covers in-hospital treatment, but it may also cover short-term care in an SNF, including medications.

Medicare Part B: Part B covers outpatient services. It does not usually provide funding for stays in nursing homes.

Medicare Part C: Private companies administer this bundled plan, also known as Medicare Advantage. It does not usually cover long-term custodial nursing home care. However, coverage often depends on the company providing the plan, so exceptions may exist.

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Medicare Part D: Part D covers the cost of some or all of the prescription drugs for people who live long-term in a custodial nursing home.

Medigap: These optional plans do not pay for long-term nursing home care. However, Medigap plans may help cover some out-of-pocket costs.

If a person is recovering from an illness, accident, or medical procedure, Medicare Part A could provide coverage for a stay in an SNF.

A doctor must verify that the person requires daily skilled nursing care. The person must also have days left in their benefit period.

Part A covers up to 100 days of SNF care in each benefit period. If an individual needs to stay longer, they would not be eligible for further coverage.