Why Does Self-Publishing Matter?

A few years ago, self-publishing was associated with the press. Authors will pay to print their own books and then do most of the marketing for the books themselves. Few writers than as now have very good reasons for publication. But this practice is still associated in the minds of many people with lesser jobs that traditional publishers cannot find.

Self-publishing is now a very common and popular alternative to finding traditional publishers. Some very famous authors who had previously published with traditional publishers started publishing their own new books. You can consider self-publishing services to publish your books via theindependentyou.com/book-coaching/.

Others have never been hired by a leading publisher, but have managed to promote their own books and tackle other aspects of their business. The reasons are varied and many of them have to do with the growing popularity of e-readers and digital books.

I could list the many reasons why writers are now turning to publish. One of the main reasons is that it is very easy and cheap to do. Some major book distributors make it easy for authors to upload their manuscripts to the system. Author participation costs nothing, and authors can actually start selling their books very quickly.

Uploading books for distribution on e-readers have become very popular. But new technology is also making on-demand printing easier. An author doesn't have to pay to print hundreds of books at once, they just print one by one to order!

The low price to go to market is an important reason, but is there any other reason? In fact, many writers say that they prefer to be in control of their own work. You can hire your own artists and editors. You can choose how your book will be formatted and designed.