Why You Should Try the Manta Ray Snorkel Kona, Hawaii

Have you ever witnessed aliens? Imagine yourself in a massive warehouse right in the middle of the night. This event is almost quiet, but there are lighting fixtures everywhere. Instead of music, there are bubbles and huge alien creatures flying around and flipping. This is what the manta Ray snorkel Kona is like.

The evening begins with a gathering in the Marina. After a brief introduction, they will hand you the snorkelling gear you need to go with Manta Rays. They will ensure that you're comfortable using the equipment you've received. If you're not in a relaxing swim, they have a solution to this! they provide every snorkeler camera and other equipment so they feel relaxed in the water and can enjoy watching manta rays. You can also get more information about snorkelling in Kona Hawaii via www.dolphindiscoveries.com/kona-manta-ray-night-snorkel/.

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They will then discuss the manta rays, and provide you with some information on their life story. This is essential so that you can be able to communicate with them in this period of time. We'll go over the way that mentors eat plankton, and the plankton gets attracted to the light fixtures on our boards. 

Depending on whether you choose to depart later or earlier, we leave at sunset or beneath the blanket of stars. We will then motor towards the manta location. After arriving, we'll slide into the ocean and get the snorkel board, which will be equipped with very bright light sources installed on the board. Our guide will guide you about the manta viewing spot.